Frequently Asked Questions

Everything from a small ADU
up to any size you want.

Skyfarm Construction currently works in Sonoma, Napa, Marin County and Contra Costa Counties and the entire state of Utah.

Yes, an architect is the best idea if you have a large project and a plan designer or draftsman work out very well for medium to smaller scale projects Plus we have several we can recommend.

An interior designer is great to have if your not sure what the project would take to get the best out of it.

If we build a spec home then yes, a list would come into play. If we have someone else design we can only make suggestions and/or comments.

Yes, We feel that it is always a great idea to get pricing from other builders as long as there are detailed plans and finishes picked out or you wont get apples to apples.

A standard 3000sf home takes approx.. 12 months pending on the complexity of the build. Additions are hard to put a time frame to. Too many open items not known.

The main point of contact will be one of our quality selected superintendents and the owner of the company "Ean Coyle"